Northern Ethiopia/Tigray in Crisis

Since 4 November 2020 a civil war has broken out between the military forces of Ethiopia and the northern Region of Tigray. Those suffering most are the civilians caught in the cross-fire of war. Mass displacement and migration is already taking place, in an area that already shelters over 100,000 refugees and has been subject to locust invasions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The ongoing conflict has very deep roots and is all too often simplified as an ethnic feud. Critically engaging with the complexity of the history of the region is a matter of saving lives and preventing more from being killed for the wrong reasons.Reportedly, several thousands have already been killed, injured or displaced. Others managed to flee to neighbouring countries, predominantly Sudan, where the numbers of refugees already exceed 30,000 after two weeks of military conflict. A communication black-out in the region of Tigray, the hindering of humanitarian assistance and the crack-down on the national and international press increasingly makes this “a war carried out in the dark, without journalists, without publicly announced refuge/aid for civilians … a war that will kill civilians without anyone knowing” – as the Ethiopian author Maaza Mengiste noted.

Support & Ressources

International Committee of the Red CrossAre you looking for a missing relative in northern Ethiopia? In response of the military escalation, the ICRC has activated a hotline to help you.

Ethiopian Red Cross Society headquartersERCS offers emergency responses, ambulance and first aid, family reunification, essential drugs, water and sanitation, and other humanitarian servicesPhone:
Fax: +251-115-51-26-43
Email: [email protected]Address: Ras Desta Dametew Avenue, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Aid urgently needed for Ethiopians streaming into Sudan

Medical Supply & Humanitarian Action (ICRC)

Tigray Relief Fund

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Urgent Call and Appeal for Peace in Ethiopia from Citizens of the Horn of Africa

Condemn Ethiopian State Violence and Demand the Release of All Political Prisoners

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